Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Define Beauty.

Beauty is roaring laughter that comes from a smile. It's a sprinkling of freckles across a little nose. It's big blue eyes that dazzle. It's long legs that just learned to peddle a bike.

Beauty is a heart so big it cares for everyone. It's a spirit so loving that it befriends anyone. It's a thought for others that are younger. It's a concern for those less fortunate.

Beauty is a daughter born seven years ago today. A girl that captured the world's heart with the blink of her big blue eyes.

Beauty is my sweet big girl!

Happy Birthday Dear Mae!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Such a Big Boy!

He's skinny as a rail and just tall enough to be called lanky. He's funny, good to his siblings (most of the time), and holds my heart in his hands. He's fair skinned but he's as rough as they get. He's fast, he loves to play sports, ride his bike, and make people laugh. He's my first born. He made me a mother.

Happy Birthday Dear John Russel!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Perspective....There is so much in this word. I just finished a book my mother let me borrow. She borrowed it from my brother and his wife. It's called The Noticer by Andy Andrews. It's a good book. A quick read. It makes you think about your life and the little things that we consider so big. So....Let me ask you a few things:

Does that cranky lady in the grocery store that scowls at your children make you want to say something smart back to her? Or should you just smile and think about the "real" reason she is so cranky?

Do you tell the mother that is volunteering at the 2nd grade Thanksgiving feast to stop bossing you around? Or do you just smile and be thankful that she is there making her child's school a better place?

Do you turn the TV on because your children are wrestling in the floor? Or do you pull a book out of the book basket and sit down and read to them?

Do you feel sorry for yourself because your husband is gone 5 out of the 7 days of the week? Or do you thank the Good Lord that he has a job and he is so happy to see you when he gets home?

Do you tune your children out when they talk non-stop in the backseat? Or do you patiently listen to their little stories (complete with stutters and mispronunciations) and reply with enthusiastic exclamations (even when you've heard the same story 20 times)?

Do you volunteer in the nursery at church because you feel obligated? Or do you smile, and read, and hold, and love those precious children and realize that you are doing the most important thing in the world?

What is your perspective? Where will you let your mind lead you? It's all up to you.....with a little help from Jesus.

By the way, William and Terri, I'll be returning the book this Christmas!