Thursday, October 30, 2008


Last night John Russel came in my room around 1:00 in the morning wanting in my bed. Now, my kids don't ever sleep with us. They get in each other's beds, but not mine....thank goodness. So, when he asked I told him to go get in the bed with Mae. He told me he had had a bad dream and didn't want to go upstairs. Rusty somehow convinced him and off he went. Whew!!!

The next morning I got up and was doing my normal morning thing. I met Mae in the hallway. She was MA-AD! Her lip was poking out and her hands were clenched in fists by her side. She proclaimed in her best whiny voice, "John Russel is in MY bed!" I then tried to explain to her that he was just scared and he wanted to be with her. I reminded her of the many times, including a few this week, when she got in his bed. None of this seemed to help. She then began to cry, so I just stopped and held her. I told her that I knew it was hard having brothers (sorry William) while I patted her back. We then made our way towards the kid's rooms to get dressed. As we approached the stairs. She busted out with more tears and told me, "But Mama! He pooted in my bed!!" Oh, Mae Mae...I'm so all I could say. When we made our way to her room John Russel was pretending to be asleep in her bed. I told him not to poot in Mae's bed anymore! "If you have to poot, please go to the bathroom." (this was more for Mae's benefit--I mean really?) I then went to pull out the clothes for the day. John Russel rounded the corner looking very forlorn. "Man," he said, " I'll never get any sleep!"

Later, Rusty asked what all the commotion was about. When I told him, he smiled and said, "Oh, really?" Then after a big laugh he stated matter-of -factly, "Well, she'll never stay married!"

Isn't that the truth!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Holy Toledo! Batman Went To Story Time!!

Will and I decided to head over to story time today. It was special because the kids got to dress up and go trick-or-treating through the library. We love story time. The one we attend is catered to toddlers, so it's just perfect. The little old people volunteer and it's very sweet. (OK, I know that it's not politically correct to call these sweet people old, but oh well!) They sing songs, read stories and do crafts.

Today Will transformed into Batman at home. He was so excited he wouldn't even take his mask off in the car. When we arrived he walked into the library and exclaimed at the top of his lungs, "HEY, I'M DATBAN!!!" It was so funny. He then proceeded to tell anyone who glanced his way that he was batman. He told the storytime ladies over and over. One cute lady said, "Hey, everyone... If you didn't know, Will's Batman!"

Halloween is almost here. We have two school parties, a carnival, a pumpkin to carve, and trick-or-treating to go. Whew!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Murder Mystery!!!

Saturday night Rusty and I had a date night. We went to the murder mystery dinner theater. It was so fun and hysterical. You eat dinner while a play is going on and then you get to try to solve the murder.

When we arrived we took our seats and we were served our salads and drinks. The play then began. It was very interactive. The actors and actresses pulled people up from the audience and walked around and messed with people. There was this one character named Trixie. She was a man dressed like a woman. When she came in she made her way around the audience and shook her boobs on Rusty's head! It was hysterical. When desert was served they came around and gave you cards so you could fill out "who done it". They then collected these in a hat. It was then time for the final scene. They asked for a volunteer from the audience. Then they came over and pulled me up on stage. That's right ME!!! The magician assistants folded two handkerchiefs together and told me to hold them on my chest. They counted to three and then pulled. A bra came out tied to the handkerchiefs. It was so funny. They then pulled out the "winner" who guessed "who done it." I read the card and then exclaimed, "Um....It's me!"

It was so funny. I thought it was planned, but they told me it wasn't. I guess it couldn't have been since we all put our guesses in a hat. I won a fantastic Sherlock Holmes hat and pipe.

We had the best time. It was really a fun and different night.

I knew all those murder mystery books I like to read would somehow pay off one day!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our Little John-o-Lantern

We have our own little jack-o-lantern...or as I like to call him John-o-lantern!!! His teeth are falling out like autumn leaves. I can't believe it. Can we say snaggle tooth!! He lost this one by eating a popcorn ball lovingly sent by Mimi. (Thanks Mimi)

OK...I know.... you're more amused by our pumpkin that John Russel is holding. I couldn't resist it. Cute, don't ya think? How could I live in the desert and NOT purchase this novelty from our local grocery store? I will cherish it long after we leave the desert as it will remind me of the sweltering Halloweens spent here!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


While I was unloading the dishwasher today I was struck with a thought. You see, this mundane task has always made me a little bit crazy. It grates on my nerves to have to constantly load and unload this machine that I would die if I didn't have. Placing the dishes in those wire drawers makes me cringe. Emptying the cups, silverware and plates unnerves me to the core. I always make a mess. Water is always lurking in my Tupperware. I try not to complain because as I said, I would die if I didn't have this modern convenience, but PLEASE! I think the thing that makes me the craziest are the sippy cups. Assembling them and disassembling them day after day is excruciating. Oh the insanity!! Ok... back to my thought. I was thinking (dreaming actually) of the day when I wouldn't have to load and unload this contraption sometimes more than once a day. I was thinking, "Soon there will be no more sippy cups to assemble." Ahhh one day! Then it hit me. ONE DAY I WON'T HAVE SIPPY CUPS TO ASSEMBLE!!! What was I thinking? Do I really want to rush my kids out the door? Soon I'll be dying to assemble sippy cups dripping from the dishwasher.

Isn't this the way of life. We fret and complain about all the mundane tasks in our lives and then fret and complain when they are gone. I need to stop, look around, and cherish each second of my little tasks and see them for what they are. A true gift. This is easier said than done. So if you will pray, for me as I pray for all of you that we will stop, look around, and cherish each moment God has given to us---no matter how mundane we may think it is.

Now....I need to copy this post, frame it, and place it on my bathroom wall.... right above Will's potty chair.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Break is Over...Thank Goodness

Well, as you know fall break is finally over. I'm glad it's over. Back to our regular routine. No more, "Mommy, I'm bored!" No more thinking of fun crafty activities to fill our time. No more trips to fun places like the Children's Museum. No more. No more!

I'm horrible, I know it. I'm just so thankful to be back in our normal routine!

Why then am I so exhausted!!!

I can't explain it. I'm drained. I can't wait until bed time.

I guess it's the getting up early to get to school. Or it could be just the getting back into the old routine thing. Maybe it's just that Fall Break wore me out!! top it all off someone called at 5:00 this morning. It was the wrong number, but I couldn't go back to sleep afterward. CRAZY!!!

Oh well, I think I'll try to go to sleep early tonight.

It'll have to be after The Biggest Loser and I'm sure some other "can't miss show". Oh well...I guess I'll get back into the old routine again soon.

Friday, October 17, 2008

More Children's Museum Pics!

Fall Break Fun at Home and the Children's Museum!

Fall Break Fun at the Zoo!!


As you know the "big" kids have been home on Fall Break all week. We've tried to plan some fun activities to keep them busy. Yesterday we had to go into town to get John Russel's allergy shot. We all piled into the van and off we went. After getting his shot we have to wait in the waiting room for 20 minutes to see if he is going to have a reaction. We are all used to this. There are toys and kids books to keep everyone busy. So....we wait. There were three other people waiting in the waiting room with us. (All older) I decided to put on some chap stick while I wait because my lips felt rather parched. As I was applying my favorite shade of rhubarb by Burt's Bees Will took notice of my doings. He then proclaimed rather loudly, "I need some! I need some for my BOSOMS!!!!" What!? He did not just say that. He then said it again. "Mama, I need some for my BOSOMS!!!" The "big" kids thought this was hilarious and started laughing immediately. I looked around the waiting room. Not one person had looked up from their magazines. (I guess they had had enough of us) I then said, "OK, Will you can have some chap stick for your LIPS!!"

We then decided to meet Rusty for lunch. We had a pretty uneventful lunch and then headed back out to the van. As we were loading the kids in Will became very agitated with me. Who knows why. It could have been my slow approach or the fact that his favorite toy of the moment was lying on the floor out of reach. Anyway he started screaming and yelling. At the same time some very professional looking ladies were walking towards the restaurant which led them right by our van. As they got near our open door, Will hollered, "BOSOMS! BOSOMS! BOSOMS!"

Oh really, I thought! You've got to be kidding me. Do I even get embarrassed at this point.

On the ride back home I proceed to tell Will that we don't say that. I try not to make a big deal because that is what you're supposed to do. Right? Then I realize it's already a "big deal". My two other children have made this so by their repeated laughter and retelling of the story.

Well........ At least it was the word bosoms and not something else.

I guess!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Ok....So I'm sitting on the couch catching up on some of my favorite blogs and finding new ones and you won't believe what I'm wearing. You want to know don't you? I'm telling you, you won't believe it. I mean....I live in the desert for goodness sakes. Ok....I'll tell you. Are you ready?

Here it is.

You won't believe it....


I'm freezing!!!!! Rusty opened all the windows because the high today was in the 70's. I don't know, but it feels like it's like 30 degrees here on the couch. I didn't think it could happen to me, but I think I'm turning slowly into a true southwesterner. These people break out the blue jeans and the sweatshirts when the temp dips below 90.

Since the weather was so nice we went to the zoo today. I'll post some cute pics later. As for now I'm going to grab the afghan and my sweatshirt and plead with Rusty to close the windows for goodness sakes!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Not Another Sunny Day

I can't believe it. It actually rained today. The monsoons have subsided and the sun has gloriously shown for quite sometime now. So, the rain took us all by surprise. Of course it had to come right before John Russel's soccer game. It poured actually...just in time to get all the players soaking wet. (Thank goodness I had Mae and Will in the car.) To my surprise they decided to let the game commence. we go carting all of our game gear in the rain to the field. We set up camp, complete with our beach chairs, camping chairs, cooler, and our handy dandy tent. (Thank goodness Rusty insisted on the tent) The game began and the rain seemed to diminish. It was overcast and a little chilly...hmmmm...not so bad after all. Then the storm clouds rolled in again and the bottom dropped out. The rain came down at a pretty good pace for a few minutes. Enough that the players got soaked and our tent became crowded with parents and children. It was so crazy. At one point I thought, "Really 1st and 2nd grade soccer really this important?" You see that I "thought" this and didn't actually voice it because I think I may have been flogged by all the dads who think these little games are actually professional in type. So.....Here I sit wondering when the insanity will end....and then it does. The sun came out, and all that was left of the rain was some lingering humidity.

The boys (and Dads) enjoyed the game. (They did actually play very well, if I say so myself.) The kids didn't seem so drenched anymore. The sun seemed to take care of that as well. So I thought until we got home. We all removed our shoes in the garage because they were covered with grass and sand. (hey..we do live in the desert you know) John Russel walked inside in front of me. I looked down and I was thinking, "Who spilled something all over the floor? Oh, my it's everywhere!!!" Then I realized it was poor John Russel's socks. They were soaked!!!! I could have wrung a good cup out of each thick soccer sock. Poor Guy!

Oh well..... I didn't have to fret long. John Russel then turned around and said, "That was the best game ever!!!"

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Break

Well.... I haven't posted in a while. I've been reading a great book and just couldn't put it down in my free time. Sorry, but I'm back in action now!

The big kids are on Fall Break. It doesn't feel like fall. The nights and mornings are cooler, but it's still hot during the day. We don't have big plans. We are just going to hang out, go to the park, and maybe do some Halloween crafts.

Soooo anywho..... I hope ya'll all have a happy fall break!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall is Coming.... Maybe....

Ok...I can't believe it. I almost don't want to write this post because I'm afraid I'm going to make it not happen. Here it is.... The weather man last night on the news said that the high for Sunday is going to be....are you ready.....75!!!!! I can't believe it!!!! Although the weather has cooled off a little and the nights and mornings are wonderful, there hasn't been a day since maybe May when the high temperature of the day hasn't gone below 90. I'm so excited!!!! I can't wait. I might even break out a sweater!

But then he broke my heart. Monday's high is supposed to be back in the 90's. Oh well, I'll take whatever the good Lord gives me. For now, I'm dusting of my jeans getting ready for Sunday!!