Friday, October 17, 2008


As you know the "big" kids have been home on Fall Break all week. We've tried to plan some fun activities to keep them busy. Yesterday we had to go into town to get John Russel's allergy shot. We all piled into the van and off we went. After getting his shot we have to wait in the waiting room for 20 minutes to see if he is going to have a reaction. We are all used to this. There are toys and kids books to keep everyone busy. So....we wait. There were three other people waiting in the waiting room with us. (All older) I decided to put on some chap stick while I wait because my lips felt rather parched. As I was applying my favorite shade of rhubarb by Burt's Bees Will took notice of my doings. He then proclaimed rather loudly, "I need some! I need some for my BOSOMS!!!!" What!? He did not just say that. He then said it again. "Mama, I need some for my BOSOMS!!!" The "big" kids thought this was hilarious and started laughing immediately. I looked around the waiting room. Not one person had looked up from their magazines. (I guess they had had enough of us) I then said, "OK, Will you can have some chap stick for your LIPS!!"

We then decided to meet Rusty for lunch. We had a pretty uneventful lunch and then headed back out to the van. As we were loading the kids in Will became very agitated with me. Who knows why. It could have been my slow approach or the fact that his favorite toy of the moment was lying on the floor out of reach. Anyway he started screaming and yelling. At the same time some very professional looking ladies were walking towards the restaurant which led them right by our van. As they got near our open door, Will hollered, "BOSOMS! BOSOMS! BOSOMS!"

Oh really, I thought! You've got to be kidding me. Do I even get embarrassed at this point.

On the ride back home I proceed to tell Will that we don't say that. I try not to make a big deal because that is what you're supposed to do. Right? Then I realize it's already a "big deal". My two other children have made this so by their repeated laughter and retelling of the story.

Well........ At least it was the word bosoms and not something else.

I guess!

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emilynokesmartin said...

Hilarious!!! I can just imagine your face!!!