Saturday, October 11, 2008

Not Another Sunny Day

I can't believe it. It actually rained today. The monsoons have subsided and the sun has gloriously shown for quite sometime now. So, the rain took us all by surprise. Of course it had to come right before John Russel's soccer game. It poured actually...just in time to get all the players soaking wet. (Thank goodness I had Mae and Will in the car.) To my surprise they decided to let the game commence. we go carting all of our game gear in the rain to the field. We set up camp, complete with our beach chairs, camping chairs, cooler, and our handy dandy tent. (Thank goodness Rusty insisted on the tent) The game began and the rain seemed to diminish. It was overcast and a little chilly...hmmmm...not so bad after all. Then the storm clouds rolled in again and the bottom dropped out. The rain came down at a pretty good pace for a few minutes. Enough that the players got soaked and our tent became crowded with parents and children. It was so crazy. At one point I thought, "Really 1st and 2nd grade soccer really this important?" You see that I "thought" this and didn't actually voice it because I think I may have been flogged by all the dads who think these little games are actually professional in type. So.....Here I sit wondering when the insanity will end....and then it does. The sun came out, and all that was left of the rain was some lingering humidity.

The boys (and Dads) enjoyed the game. (They did actually play very well, if I say so myself.) The kids didn't seem so drenched anymore. The sun seemed to take care of that as well. So I thought until we got home. We all removed our shoes in the garage because they were covered with grass and sand. (hey..we do live in the desert you know) John Russel walked inside in front of me. I looked down and I was thinking, "Who spilled something all over the floor? Oh, my it's everywhere!!!" Then I realized it was poor John Russel's socks. They were soaked!!!! I could have wrung a good cup out of each thick soccer sock. Poor Guy!

Oh well..... I didn't have to fret long. John Russel then turned around and said, "That was the best game ever!!!"

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