Monday, October 27, 2008

Murder Mystery!!!

Saturday night Rusty and I had a date night. We went to the murder mystery dinner theater. It was so fun and hysterical. You eat dinner while a play is going on and then you get to try to solve the murder.

When we arrived we took our seats and we were served our salads and drinks. The play then began. It was very interactive. The actors and actresses pulled people up from the audience and walked around and messed with people. There was this one character named Trixie. She was a man dressed like a woman. When she came in she made her way around the audience and shook her boobs on Rusty's head! It was hysterical. When desert was served they came around and gave you cards so you could fill out "who done it". They then collected these in a hat. It was then time for the final scene. They asked for a volunteer from the audience. Then they came over and pulled me up on stage. That's right ME!!! The magician assistants folded two handkerchiefs together and told me to hold them on my chest. They counted to three and then pulled. A bra came out tied to the handkerchiefs. It was so funny. They then pulled out the "winner" who guessed "who done it." I read the card and then exclaimed, "Um....It's me!"

It was so funny. I thought it was planned, but they told me it wasn't. I guess it couldn't have been since we all put our guesses in a hat. I won a fantastic Sherlock Holmes hat and pipe.

We had the best time. It was really a fun and different night.

I knew all those murder mystery books I like to read would somehow pay off one day!!

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maribeth said...

how fun! and i am sure the kids will love the pipe and hat as well!