Wednesday, October 22, 2008


While I was unloading the dishwasher today I was struck with a thought. You see, this mundane task has always made me a little bit crazy. It grates on my nerves to have to constantly load and unload this machine that I would die if I didn't have. Placing the dishes in those wire drawers makes me cringe. Emptying the cups, silverware and plates unnerves me to the core. I always make a mess. Water is always lurking in my Tupperware. I try not to complain because as I said, I would die if I didn't have this modern convenience, but PLEASE! I think the thing that makes me the craziest are the sippy cups. Assembling them and disassembling them day after day is excruciating. Oh the insanity!! Ok... back to my thought. I was thinking (dreaming actually) of the day when I wouldn't have to load and unload this contraption sometimes more than once a day. I was thinking, "Soon there will be no more sippy cups to assemble." Ahhh one day! Then it hit me. ONE DAY I WON'T HAVE SIPPY CUPS TO ASSEMBLE!!! What was I thinking? Do I really want to rush my kids out the door? Soon I'll be dying to assemble sippy cups dripping from the dishwasher.

Isn't this the way of life. We fret and complain about all the mundane tasks in our lives and then fret and complain when they are gone. I need to stop, look around, and cherish each second of my little tasks and see them for what they are. A true gift. This is easier said than done. So if you will pray, for me as I pray for all of you that we will stop, look around, and cherish each moment God has given to us---no matter how mundane we may think it is.

Now....I need to copy this post, frame it, and place it on my bathroom wall.... right above Will's potty chair.


Carla said...

Well put Anne, we all need a little perspective every now and again! Miss you, love reading your blog!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Once on Holy Experience, which is one of my favorite blogs, Anne wrote about a young mother who had cancer and eventually died. I wish I could remember her name. Anyway, when she was in the end stages of the cancer, she had a dream about cleaning her toilet. She was lying in a hospital bed, dying, and she was dreaming about being home, cleaning her own toilet - because that was, believe it or not, a blessing - one I am sure she never appreciated until she was unable to do it anymore.

I try and remember that. (Usually I forget it though.)