Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our Little John-o-Lantern

We have our own little jack-o-lantern...or as I like to call him John-o-lantern!!! His teeth are falling out like autumn leaves. I can't believe it. Can we say snaggle tooth!! He lost this one by eating a popcorn ball lovingly sent by Mimi. (Thanks Mimi)

OK...I know.... you're more amused by our pumpkin that John Russel is holding. I couldn't resist it. Cute, don't ya think? How could I live in the desert and NOT purchase this novelty from our local grocery store? I will cherish it long after we leave the desert as it will remind me of the sweltering Halloweens spent here!


emilynokesmartin said...

Oh goodness!!! How fun!! I cannot believe how much older he looks.

maribeth said...

i love it! i also saw a christmas tree cactus at hobby lobby that made me think of y'all!

lmerie said...

Thanks for stopping by!
The snaggle tooth is great as is the cactus - adorable, both!