Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Whale Shark

Yesterday afternoon I asked Mae to read me a book. After much deliberation (she didn't want to read a baby book) we picked out a book about sharks. It explained the differences of many kinds of sharks. So much so that it confirmed my thoughts on entering the ocean. Anyway....I digress.... We came upon a shark named the whale shark. This fish swims through the ocean with his huge mouth open. He eats little fish and plants by filtering them through his open orifice.



I encountered a similar animal at the pool today. This cute, cuddly, interesting creature did just what this whale shark does. Although, I don't think his intention was to eat little creatures and plants. I'm not quite sure what his intentions were.

He, however, has a name.

It's Will Workman!

Let's just call him Whale Shark from now on.

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