Thursday, February 11, 2010

A day in the life

I started this post yesterday, but I failed to post it due life. Here it is in full glory.

This week Rusty is back on the road. It has been so nice having him here for the past four weeks, and we miss him. We've had a busy week. Nothing out of the ordinary. Just regular busy stuff. Take today for instance.

6:00 Wake up. Get kids up. Get breakfast ready. Make sure teeth are brushed. Brush hair. Remind children to stop fighting or they will NOT be getting any Valentines! Remind myself not to threaten anything I wasn't prepared to actually do. Pack backpacks. Get water bottles.

6:48 Head to Bus stop.

6:50 Kiss big kids at wave as the bus drives away.

6:50-10:45 Hang out with Will. Post blog post. Watch cartoons. Play with Valentines. Get dressed. Get Will Dressed. Head to story time.

11:00 Story time with friends. Will Decided that he didn't want to sit and listen. When I asked him to sit down (in my quietest room full of people voice) he screamed NO! NO! NO! As he ran around the rug.

11:45 Home for lunch and make Will take a nap!

2:05 Pick up John from school.

3:00 PTO meeting. This went rather well.

3:10 Go get Mae from after school cooking class. This was rather difficult to do because of the above task.

4:30 Go to McDonald's for dinner with too many kids to count. This, too went rather well.

5:30 Head back to school for Lighted School House night to watch Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. This was fun. Will ate so much popcorn I thought he was going to POP!

7:30 Home

8:00 Put kids in bed. I actually got the kids in bed by 7:45! I'm good like that!

9:30 I went to bed myself! Phew...Mama was tired!

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