Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The funniest thing happened this morning. I mean HI-LARIOUS!!!

I decided that our coat closet by the back door needed cleaning out and organizing. This area is used as storage for our art supplies, my sewing stuff, the ironing board, the mops, our pool stuff, the wrapping paper.....Should I stop here? Yes, I think you get my drift. As my sister would say, "It was a HOT mess in there!" out I did. I moved everything out and swept and dusted and threw away and organized and moved stuff around and oh how lovely it is now! After arranging everything in the most organizingly efficient way I was finally finished. If the heavens could shine down its glory into my windowless little coat closet it would. There is now a place for everything and everything is in it's place. The art supplies now have their own organized bins. If you have a hankering for gluing puff balls on red envelopes you would be able to find the puff balls sitting in their bin next to the stickers. The red envelopes are in their bin next to the construction paper and the glue is next to the assortment of scissors. Now would you all please join me in a nice sigh of relief.

But......I did accumulate quite a bit of trash in my process. Old crayons, coloring books, paper, stickers, fuzz balls, hard play dough.....again, I think my drift is caught. So, I had a big bag full. I gathered my regular trash and then called up to John to come down and help me. He proceeded to pretend not to hear me. (I know that's what he did) So....I yelled louder! To which he replied, "What. Mama!?" So....I yelled even louder! (I know.....I'm a great role model) He finally came down and helped me haul the trash bags to the garage. He had one bag and I had one bag plus some recycling. When we came back in he tried to run back upstairs, but I said, "Wait! Can you please take this big cardboard tube (the kind that fabric comes a bolt) to the recycling?" To which he responded.....

Are you ready for this?

You sure?

Ok....I'll tell you.

My dear first born son then responded,


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Molly said...

HAHAH!!! Poor John....
CInderfella is he? That is truly funny!