Friday, March 27, 2009

Makuta's Island

*Having fun with Rusty-The biggest Kid of them all!*

*This is Fun*

*Which way do we go?*

*Part of the gang*


Over Spring Break the Workman 6 went to the Grand Canyon. I, being an insanely overprotective mother, decided that we shouldn't go. Call me nuts, but taking a two year old to the biggest whole in the earth is not a good idea. Anyway, while they were away we decided to head to Phoenix with some friends to Makuta's Island.

What is Makuta's Island?
Ha Hm Hm! Well....let me just tell you. It's this huge indoor play area that makes Chuck E Cheese look miniscule! They have all these slides and tunnels and ladders and bridges and rope things and and and....... I could seriously go on for days. It was so overwhelming. It took a while to get used to. The boys in our group took off like gang busters. Mae did at first, and then she got stuck in this one area. Thank goodness I found her. It was....I can't even think of an appropriate word!

After a little while we all warmed up to the Island and started to have some fun. My friend Becky told me that I "MUST" go down the Banana slide. I got John Russel to take me up. First you go into this tree thing and climb up this spiral pole thing to the next level. Then you climb this spiral ladder thing up to another level. I think I somehow climbed to another level, I'm not sure....I couldn't think for all the praying I was doing. All the while John Russel was patiently waiting on me urging me on. Then we started crossing the rope bridge. I looked down and we were at the top of the entire play area. (Imagine being at the top of a warehouse building like Wal-Mart) WHAT!!!!! It was enclosed with netting, BUT the thing was swaying and there were real planks. I felt like I was in an Indiana Jones movie. That's when I started reciting the Lord's Prayer. I wanted to turn back, but that would mean climbing down all those spirally ladders. I don't think I could have done that. So, with sweat pouring from my brow I trudged on. We made it to another play structure thing all together and that's where I had to make my decent. A few tunnels and a ladder or two later came this slide. Whew! I'm outa here! I went flying down the slide like a mad woman only to discover I had to make my way down the skinniest ladder I have ever seen. But....once I did, I was on the sweet ground floor. I could have kissed it in all it's cushy rubber glory! After my armpits dried I found out from my friend, Becky that I didn't go down the Banana slide. I had missed it somehow. She oohed and ahhed about how much fun it was. John Russel then begged me to go. So....What's a mama to do, but to do it! So off I go again into the tree from HADES! Up I go. Up the twisty poles and curvy ladders and tunnels. That's when I see the bridge. I cry....Do I have to go across THAT again?! No. John Russel points to the right up a little to the entrance to the Banana Slide. Becky's daughter Raeanna then informs me that her Mom is scared of the Banana slide. She won't even go down it again. OH REALLY! Well....I don't think I can make it down the twisty poles and curly ladders, and I'm sure not going across that swinging bridge. Ok! I can do this. So up I go. I take my seat. And off I go like a bullet from a gun! OH MEEEEEEE! I try to grab on to something....anything to keep my pants from catching fire from the speed I was building. Not a smart move. My elbow caught fire instead! Ouch!!! Down I went into a basic free fall! Was it ever going to end? That's when I saw it. The light at the end of the tunnel/slide. Oh I could taste sweet heaven. I came flying out like a bat out of a cave. That's when I saw my friend Becky standing there with camera in hand!

Oh Boy does she have it coming!!!

I don't have the picture of me coming out of the slide. I'll get it though and post it for your viewing pleasure. It's really too funny not to share.

Here are a few pics from the day. Enjoy!

Oh, by the way, they even had a toddler area just for Will. ( I won't tell you, Mimi, all the things Rusty took him up and down)


Molly said...

OHHH ANNE!!!!!!! that is soo funny!
If only I could have been a fly on that wall! What a good Mom you are....and a brave one too!

Amy said...

I am dying laughing. We too have experienced the Makutus Island. It is so much fun!!!!I can't wait to see that picture of you coming out of the slide. I can't remember that particular slide but I do remember all the (TIGHT)twists and turns to get to the slides.