Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stong Genes!

* sweet, but she Broke The Mold*
Why don't I have a more recent picture--Horrible, horrible Aunt

*Stinker Will....Too young for the pic below....but he could fit right in with those looks*

*Workman Cousins circa 2005*
*Will was present, but in my tummy*

Ok...So here are some Workman cousins. This picture was taken a few years ago and it is missing a cousin or two. But it doesn't matter because one particular cousin broke the mold and doesn't look like the it doesn't matter. (yes, sweet Graci, YOU matter...but not for this post) look like the rest, but I don't have a group shot including you...Gina and Nanci help a sister-in-law out will ya!
See...What I'm getting at is this....They all look so so so much alike! They could all be mistaken for siblings. A few of them maybe even twins if there wasn't such an age difference. It's downright crazy....eerie....weird!!!
I'm feeling a little nostalgic. Call it living so far away or maybe it's that some of these rugrats are coming to visit in a few weeks. I don't know, but it's made me start to thinking....
Thinking about how strong these Workman genes are!!!! Lord have mercy! Could I have married into a stronger gene pool! I can't get over it. The brothers all look alike, too. Granted...two of the four ARE twins, but my goodness they could seriously be mistaken for quads! It's downright crazy scary.....weird....eerie!
We all can't wait for the Workman 6 to come and visit. They will be here in about a week. We can't wait to show them the ways of the Wild West!
Most of all we all can't wait to see each other and have so good ol' cousin fun!
I can't wait to see who looks more like who this time!
I'm not bitter.....I promise!
All I'm sayin' is that it sure is a good thing that they are all stinkin' cute!!


jennifer said...

they are all so stinkin' cute. it's true!

Molly said...

SO TRUE! They are all stinkin' cute!
I can't get over how big Will!