Monday, April 27, 2009

8 Things

I was tagged by my friend Maribeth over at Pigtails and Pj's. So I guess I'm it....Here goes!

8 things I'm looking forward to.
1. Visiting my friends and family in Memphis this summer.
2. Hanging out with my friends this summer at the pool, park, etc...
3. Joining our new church and being a charter member.
4. My children's bedtime.
5. The volunteer luncheon at school.
6. Hanging out with the kids tonight.
7. Rusty getting home from work.
8. A clean house.

8 things I did yesterday.
1. Set up the children's ministry rooms/tents for church.
2. Went to Church.
3. Took down the children's ministry rooms/tents for church.
4. Went to a new members meeting at my neighbors house.
5. Hung out with my friend Becky.
6. Bought pizzas and salads for a baby shower.
7. Helped Becky make a list of PTO events for next year.
8. Helped Rusty look for his Birth Certificate.

8 things I wish I could do.
1. Drive to Memphis in an hour.
2. Buy a new couch.
3. Calm my 2 year old down instantly.
4. Stop all whining with a look.
5. Cook delicious dinners that everyone in my family enjoys every night.
6. Get Will potty trained.
7. Never watch another Elmo movie/show.
8. Clean my house with a snap.

8 people I should tag. one i guess. I think everyone has already been tagged.

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me said...

i love listening to all the fun things you did yesterday! and i totally wish i could get miller potty trained, too!!