Saturday, August 29, 2009

Holy Toledo! It's Batman!!!!

Well....Will finally pooped in the potty after much, prayer and bribes and prayer and threats and prayer......he finally did it! So after searching the world (well Sahuarita) over I finally found a batman suit and a wonderful friend to dress the part! he is! He finally paid us a visit tonight!
Thanks, Dan...or BatDan!
He fooled everyone! Shoot, I was almost fooled myself.
All except Mae, that is. When he left she whispered to me, "Mom, was that Mariah's Dad?" Can't fool her, Nancy Drew!
It's Batman the Brain (as Will likes to call him)

The Big Kids and Batman

Batman is awesome!

I'm a big boy, Batman!

Hello, Batman!


Anonymous said...

o my goodness!! Hooray for Batman- how exciting in the WOrkman house! It's not everyday that Batman comes to visit!! And would you look at that nice suit!! I know Will was so thrilled as any little boy would be - way to go Will!!!

Katie said...

that is hilarious! i'm glad mae let me in on the batman's secret identity...... i didn't recognize him, ha!

Mindy Burns said...