Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Curse Words!

Will has a new curse word. I can't stand it. At first we tried to ignore it, but unfortunately that didn't make it go away. It's actually two words together. He says it when he gets mad. He says it around his brother and sister and their friends to be funny. He says it randomly to make me crazy. I think he learned it from a friend of the older kids, or it could have been anywhere actually. See.....some people don't think it's a bad word. Rusty and I constantly tell him, "We don't say that!" We try and be as serious and stern as we can. This is usually very ineffective because whoever is around us is falling out in laughter.

What is this horrible word....or set of words? I'll tell you, but you cannot repeat it. OK?

Baby Butt!

Now go wash your mouth out!


Emily & Amelia said...

too funny!!!

Molly said...

That is really funny! I remember when Drew would get upset with people and call them "Bocco Head" We could never quite figure out what that meant! Bucko? maybe? All we knew is that is was not a term of endearment!