Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted!

Today is election day, as you all know. Rusty went to vote this morning before work. An hour and 45 minutes later he was able to vote. I went to work out at our clubhouse and remembered it was a voting sight. That was fun working out with a line of people watching me run/walk/sweat to death on the treadmill. (I'm sure when these people recall this year's election they will think of a sweating woman trying to kill herself on the treadmill) My neighbor Carrie and I took turns watching the children so we could go vote in peace. We voted at a different location also in our neighborhood. The line went pretty fast, but voting actually took a while due to the length and type of ballot. It was a paper ballot that you filled in the little circles. (like those bubble in tests we used to take) The ballot was also two sided and contained some rather interesting propositions that took some reading. Needless to say, voting this year was rather intense for me. When Carrie went to cast her vote a kid pulled the fire alarm--twice. See....It's a good thing we didn't take our kids!

We'll see soon how it all turns out. Now, I'm off to Starbucks for my free coffee. (Did you know that you can get a fee cup with your I voted sticker?)

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