Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Traditions!

I've been cooking all day so far. I've made the asparagus casserole, the sweet potato casserole and most of the dressing. I've cooked my hen. She's ready to go. I'm on my way. I'll be pretty much finished up tonight. Corn pudding...finish the dressing.... then wait until tomorrow to do the green beans and heat everything up. Oh, and the rolls. I can't forget to do them. Thanks to Sister Schubert we will be having some nice homemade tasting rolls.

This is the first Thanksgiving the Workman Five will be without the extended family. How weird, a little sad, and a HUGE job! We are looking forward to just being with our little family, though. This is actually the second time I've spent Thanksgiving away. I was in England one year. Now, that was weird! Weird and sad because no one was celebrating. My students bought me a bottle of wine and a pecan danish (the only thing they could find with pecans---my favorite Thanksgiving treat) This was all so thoughtful, but I missed home. This year being "alone" for Thanksgiving won't really be "alone". I have my little family.

We are going to have a blast. I may even make everyone dress up. We may even eat at the dining room table. We may even break out the fine china. Come to think of it.... I've never actually eaten off of it.

What a time to start!


Molly said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOUR FAMILY ANNE! I admire you and your move how you have embraced the changes. You deserve a big pat on the back. I think of you often and those adorable children!

william said...

We missed yall. Speaking of traditions mom tried a new one of arranging us in a way that we could visit with different people. Well Aunt Marthann Ms Dixie and myself got in a discussion about education well Mamma told us we need to change the subject we were boring everybody else. Oh well so much for new traditions