Friday, February 6, 2009

Early Morning Discussions

Some mornings our way to school turns into deep discussions involving many questions. This is usually by Mae, of course. This morning the discussion somehow turned to going to college. Mae has asked me about this before. She became absolutely horrified that she would have to go off and live by herself, even after my explanations that she wouldn't feel that way at the time.
This mornings discussion went something like this:

Mae: Mama, will I be able to drive when I go to college?
Me: will be able to drive before that when you are in high school. (My stomach knotting at the thought)
Mae: Mama, where will I go to college? Will I go there? (As we pass the high school)
Me: No...that's the high school. They do have colleges here, but you can go wherever you want. There are colleges everywhere. (Silently sending up a bullet prayer for a scholarship)
Mae: Will I live at home?
Me: No. You will live in a dorm. It's so much fun.
Mae: Mama, what's a dorm.
Me: Kinda like an apartment, but it's only one room. You'll have a roommate, too. It's really a lot of fun. ( did I have so much fun in ONE stinking room with another person)
Mae: Oh..... Mama, will my friends at school go with me.
Me: Maybe.
Mae: I think my friend, Catherine, will live with me.
Me: Maybe, so. It's fun to go to college. You can play sports and be in clubs.
Mae: Do you have to do work.
Me: Yes, you have to go to school, but you'll like it.
Mae: Mama, can me and John Russel go together?
Me: Of course you can.
Mae and John Russel: YESSSSS!

Isn't this just the cutest thing ever. I pray that they will go to college together and stay close forever.


maribeth said...

how sweet!!

jennifer said...

that is too precious! i hope avery and charlie feel that way about each other one day!

i'm so glad you wrote that out... what a treasure to have when they really ARE in college!