Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Warm Days.

*Fun in the Klaege's backyard!*

*Silly Will*

*Nice action shot!*

*Digging in the sand in the lot across the street.*

*Check out my Bionicle that Daddy and I built!*

Here are a few pictures I promised I would take and post. I, however, forgot to take the camera to the park where Rusty played flag football, and the kids and I ran around and played. Oh Well. I'll take some more soon! I promise.


maribeth said...

john russel has changed so much! you haven't even been gone a year! he has lost his "baby fat" and looks so mature! i can't believe it! does it break your heart just a little?? it breaks mine at least a little each time they go to the next stage.

maribeth said...

oh, and one more thing, i am sooo sooo sooo jealous that you are playing outside in the warm sunshine!! this has been the coldest winter i can remember in a long, long time. it stinks!