Friday, January 22, 2010

Hold on to your Hats!!

Yesterday the weather went crazy. We were under a winter storm watch. There were blizzard warnings for the mountains, high wind warnings, dust storm warnings, flood watches, and even a tornado watch! It was scary! The dust blowing around was insane! Rusty's hat even blew off his head at the bus stop and flew into the neighbors swimming pool! Oh my! The funniest part of the entire episode was the weather man. He was beside himself. Rusty and I couldn't help but laugh. We knew that it could have been a serious situation, but the poor guy was just so out of his element. If only he had Dave Brown to help calm his nerves with his Doppler and storm tracking devices. Oh well....all is good this morning. We didn't all blow away.

Another crazy thing I want to share with you is my husband's new look. I want to share a picture, but it's this long process now that I don't have my "own" computer. I have to save it to a flash drive.....and so on and so forth....that takes too much energy to explain, much less actually do! I know...I'm lazy....but that's another story.

Anyway.....back to Rusty. He's growing this grizzly adams beard. It's looking pretty good actually. AND his hair is growing out. He doesn't want me to cut it. You want to know what else? It looks pretty good too. It curls just in the right way to look cool in a rugged sort of way. Some guys at work say he looks like Wolverine. Right after he told me this we watched the movie Australia with the actor that plays Wolverine in it. Oh my! He does look like Wolverine! I like it! Ok...I'll work on getting his picture on here. If your super curious, I posted his picture on facebook.

All is well at the Workman house. We didn't blow away. Rusty will have to get his hat when the neighbors decide to fish it out of their pool. He doesn't need it anyway!

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