Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Rainy Day.

Today is overcast. It's not cold outside, but it looks like its cold. This makes me feel cold, so I'm constantly tucking my feet under pillows or in socks. I know that this doesn't make any sense what so ever. Maybe it has something to do with the lack of humidity. All I know is that my feet are always cold. It rained last night and there is a chance of rain later today. What does this have to do with cold feet? I'm not sure. I'm just telling you about the weather.

So we are going to hang out at home today. Will and I may venture out to go to the library for story time. Last week we tried to attend this weekly event, but Will would have none of it. Let me give you a little background on our library. It's actually a portable building consisting of one main room with several smaller rooms. One of these smaller rooms is the children's section. It's small but fun and filled with books and movies. It even has a cozy couch and a kid sized table. Well, we arrived a little early so Will and I decided to pick out some books to check out. I was busy finding the perfect books for the kids while Will browsed through the movies. When I had the books picked out (The Hardy Boys for John, Nancy Drew for Mae, and two books on snow for Will) I asked Will if he was ready to go hear the story. "I want a movie!" Will demanded. "Not today. Look at these cool snow books!" I replied. "I WANT A MOVIE!!!!!!!" Will exclaimed. And so it went. He screamed. He hollered. All the parents gave me knowing sympathetic looks. The old people on the computers gave me stern annoyed looks. I tried to coax him over to the story time carpet, but he wasn't budging. As I was trying to check out the library lady had the nerve to tell me, "Don't give in, Mama!" She was all of 21 years old. Needless to say, we did NOT attend last weeks story time. You know what happened when we got into the car? I, of course, was fuming! Will, having moved on from his previous mood, asked me if he could get a Happy Meal! A Happy Meal! For real?

We will try again today. Am I setting myself up? Will the rain give me the excuse to stay at home with my cold feet? I'll let you know!

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