Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Heart Breaks

I know the news has been flooded with scenes and stories from Haiti. I'm sure you, like the rest of the world, are moved by all the horrible pictures. I don't get to watch the news much around here. When I do get to watch TV its usually to watch Oswald or Sponge Bob. (if you a do not know who these two characters are consider yourself lucky) So, when I do get to catch a glimpse of the news I'm just blown away. Yesterday I saw a piece on children. These children were orphans. Precious, precious orphan children. Children with big brown eyes with long eyelashes. Baby girls with precious pigtails. Sweet boys with tattered clothes. Their eyes haunt my soul. As I watched these babies crawl over each other as the journalist explained their story my heart broke into a million pieces.
I thanked God right then and there for my sweet healthy children and the ability to provide a warm loving home for them. Then I prayed that these sweet innocent children in Haiti could have the same.
If I could bring them all into my home I think I would. Seriously. But for now, I'll just keep praying.

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Mindy Burns said...

Those little orphans make me so sad! I've been on adoption sites every night trying to figure out how to bring one home! I can't stand it!