Monday, January 25, 2010

Winter Fun!

After the Winter storm the mountains were covered with snow. We headed up to Madera Canyon for some fun. We left a balmy Sahuarita that was in the upper fifties headed toward a winter wonderland. As we made our way up the mountain into the park the road was closed. There was about a mile left to the top so we decided to hike it! Never underestimate a mile in a half uphill on a road covered in ice. Whew! But, boy was it worth it! Where we started there wasn't much snow, if any at all. But when we reached the end of the road there was a good 6-12 inches!
Sorry for the pictures being out of order. Picking them from my flash drive is a little difficult, and my blog posts them all in reverse order.

This is the Santa Rita River. It's usually dry as a bone. Now it's filled with water from the snow from the mountains and the rain. I've never seen it this full!

This is a little gift shop that was half way up our walk up the mountain! So cute. Doesn't it look like Hansel and Gretel live there! We stopped here for some hot chocolate on our way down.

John Russel in the snow! He had so much fun sledding down the hills and throwing snowballs! He was so busy I could hardly get his picture.

Mae the snow angel!

Who needs a sled! She loved going down the hills solo!

Weee! So much fun being pulled on the boogie board (aka our sled).

Here we are at the beginning of our hike. As you can see there isn't much snow. The kids were so excited.

Here's the mountain on our way up.

We all had fun, but were exhausted. Whew!!!


Molly said...

Oh Anne!!!! That looks like so much fun! Yes, the gift shop does look like something from a fairy tale!
I want to go!

Katie said...

i'm jealous, what day did you go? we took our snow clothes back home over christmas and w/ all of our gifts, we couldn't fit them on our way home. so, they're in illinois, the one time we could have used them in Az :-(