Thursday, May 22, 2008

Give Him Something To Talk About

Will has started talking. Now, he has been saying a few words here and there for awhile, but one morning he woke up and decided, "I think I'll talk today." It's so funny to me. Mae and John Russel seemed to mumble forever and then the mumbles just started to become clearer and clearer. Not for Will. The other day he looked at a little Sponge Bob figurine and said, "Bye bye Sponge Bob!" Just as Patrick would. I don't know if it is because he's a little later in the game than the other two were or what, but we find it hilarious.

To avoid the whining I told him to say Help. Within the day he was saying help which sounded more like ha-ulp. (Southern accent coming through) We were taking John Russel to school and there was this huge balloon in the sky advertising new homes. He said, "I see balloon! OOO! Look at that!" The funny part is the 'look at that' segment. He lowers his voice to a deep growl almost. I guess for extra emphasis. He repeats anything Mae tells him to. He adores her and would do anything she asks. Her favorite thing is to tell him to sing. She'll make up funny parts to his favorite songs and he repeats it all with joy. When he drops something he'll say, "Oh, Man!" with so much gusto you wonder what in the world. (this phrase gets the deep growl, too) At dinner or breakfast time, I'll ask him if he is hungry and he'll say, "Yea, breakfast. Eat!" and he'll run as fast as he can to his highchair.

His leap from one word commands to two to even three word sentences happened so fast. It's amazing to see how his little mind takes things in so quickly. Being able to express his feelings or wants is fabulous. We all feel less frustrated. What a wonderful thing to communicate! He also seems to understand things a little better, too. Now when he wants something we can understand him, and if he doesn't need it we can explain why he shouldn't have it. This works sometimes, but he is only 23 months old. He still may cry for it, but it seems to be less and less.

It's wonderful to reach new milestones. I always meet them with bitter sweetness. I'm so glad that my children are growing and learning, but then that means I have to say goodbye to a little part of them. As time goes by, I look back and I'll remember some of the little things they used to say or do and it feels like that they were different people all together. I'll mourn over the little ones I've lost but only for a moment. How quickly I'm reminded of the beautiful creatures they've become!


Pops said...

I miss you all and love you so much

Jamie said...

awe, Williford looks like such a big boy. Love this picture!