Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tennessee Has Come To Town!

Well there here. There is nothing like visiting with cousins. Oh, they have had fun. Since the moment of the girls' arrival there has not been one quiet moment. Unless they are sleeping, of course, which hasn't been an issue because they have been exhausted! All of them. They have played, played, played.

Yesterday we went to the Desert Museum. It is just fabulous. It is like a zoo in the middle of the desert. I haven't experienced such nice informative people since I've been here. (They do exist!) It was hot, but we went in the morning so it wasn't so bad. We saw lizards, hummingbirds, and javilinas. Just to name a few. We couldn't see any coyotes at the museum. I guess they were hiding. No worries, because we saw one scouring through the desert on our way to the museum! We all got to experience first hand the wonders of this mysterious place called the desert. It was a fabulous day. That evening we went out to eat at El Charro Cafe. We went to the original one downtown, so we got to see downtown Tucson as well as the University of Arizona. The restaurant was very fun and quaint. We even had dinner in a private room! We all felt very VIP.

Today we plan on doing the parks and pool at my neighborhood. I'm sure we will have another fun filled day. This is what is great about having family visit. Getting to see the desert through their eyes is magnificent, but nothing can compare to all the little impromptu events that take place. We are just having fun being with each other!


Terri said...

We love reading about what you are doing!

selle said...

How Great!!! I love seeing a picture of everybody. Yall are having so much fun and making some lifelong memories. Thanks for making their trip so much fun!! I can't wait for my turn. I love yall, Selle