Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Coming off a long weekend is always filled with mixed emotions. I'm sad that the fun is over, but then again I look forward to a short week. We had a blast just our family. Memorial day used to mean trips to the river or lake for us filled with family. Not this year. The only thing that we had facing us was the hot desert and, of course, just us. This holiday weekend brought many surprises including fun!

We had such a great time just relaxing with our family. Being lazy isn't much of an option with little kids, but we took it as easy as we could. On Saturday I took Mae and John Russel to our neighborhood club house. They had those bouncy things, face painting, pony rides, and all sorts of games. The kids always love this sort of thing. They got tattoos and Mae rode a pony. Sunday we went to a church that meets around the lake at our clubhouse. The kids had so much fun at Sunday school as they sat under a tree for their lesson and ran around and played. It was kinda cool singing and worshiping outside. Very interesting and different. It felt like an old tent revival. Then on Monday I took John Russel and Mae to our pool and water park. As we pulled into the parking lot Mae started screaming. John Russel cut his eyes over at her and said, "Man, Mom, Mae is so excited!" They had a blast playing in the splash park and slipping and sliding down the water slides. I was so worried about Mae at the bottom of the slide, but I soon realized that I had nothing to worry about. She would just pop out of the slide into the water and come up smiling and paddling to the side. Pink goggles shining in the sun. They were exhausted and starving when we got home. We hung out together playing games and going to the park. It was a great weekend.

Now that it is all over, I see that we didn't have to even leave our neighborhood to have a great time, and I couldn't have picked better company. This Memorial Day weekend, I'm reminded to cherish what is truly important...Family!

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