Friday, May 16, 2008

Who Are You? Who? Who?

I was cleaning up the dinner dishes as CSI was coming on. The opening song was playing, "Who are you? Who? Who?" Funny because I was just thinking, Who am I? As the song played on I continued to contemplate who am I, now. I did this exact same thing back in college. I think this is something you just do, especially during big changes in your life.

Before my husband got his new job and we had to move, I was the assistant director at my church preschool. I loved my job. Although it was part time, it was just perfect. I got to do what I loved and be at home a good part of the time with my children. My children also got to go to school with me. What could be better. I was fulfilling the "career" and "mother" parts of me. I worked with all my friends and it was a great environment. So, when we moved I'm just wife and mother. No career. This is fine. I love taking care of my house and family. Some people would die to have the choice, but the sudden removal of all of that has left me wondering, "Who am I?"

I know that I am a wife, mother, daughter, and friend, but being in a new place without a job outside the home makes me think about who I am quite a bit more. Things are different here. The people, the climate, and the surroundings. Others define who I am by what they see. I'm definitely southern, a mom, and a wife, but what else do they see? I hope more than this.

This leads me to realize it's not what's on the outside that matters. I must show love and compassion and kindness. This is what is so important in life. Others must see this and feel this from me. I received the nicest compliment from one of the new moms in my Mom's Group. She thanked me for being so friendly and making her fell welcome. Funny, I guess she didn't realize that I was new too. This made me feel good. She saw confidence and kindness in me.

I must not put too much into what others think about me. It will only lead to disappointment. What I need to focus on is what God thinks of me and how I'm doing. He asks us to show kindness and love to others, to treat others as we would like to be treated. This is what I will do. I may not always see the results, but in my heart I'll know I'm doing the right thing.

So this is "who" I'll be. I guess I've always been this way, but now I'll realize I don't have to have a specific title to be or feel important. I'll just be Me!


Rusty said...

You are more that just a wife or a mother. You are the best friend that I could ever imagine having and an amazing wife that anyone would die to hasve in their life. You are strong in mind and make me whole efery day of the year. I am very happy that you and I got married almost ten years ago and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you and the three crazy children that we have together. I love you and I will see you soon.

Love Forever,

Mimi said...

You forgot that you are also my little girl, my baby, and will always be that to me. Love you. Mimi

Jamie said...

You are such a wonderful, amazing, and constant friend. I miss you so much!


marthanne said...

It's funny that by your moving away, I have really gotten to know you in a deeper, more intimate way than I knew you when you lived here. I suppose through this blog site and your shared thoughts you are exposing a part of you that did not surface in my contacts with you here. My experiences with you have always been filled with the hustle and bustle of family gatherings and we never really had the opportunity to talk about inner thoughts and feelings.
Anne, you are indeed a remarkable young woman, very creative, smart, productive, with strong family values and deep spiritual qualities. You are God's wonderful creation and unique in every way. You are personable, friendly, and have a great sense of humor. You are a deep thinker and see the good in things. What wonderful qualities! I am so proud of you as a person and as the shaping influence on your family. Good job ... keep up the good work!
Love, marthanne