Monday, June 2, 2008

Family Visits

Well, we have had a fast and furious whirlwind visit with our family. On Saturday we went to our clubhouse pool and had a blast. No one got sunburned, but me, of course. I guess I was too busy applying sunscreen to everyone else. Then yesterday we went to Mt. Lemon. What a glorious experience. It doesn't matter how many times I go, it is breathtaking every time. We had a picnic lunch, "rock-climbed" over to some cliffs for a fabulous view of Tucson and the surrounding mountains. We all were mesmerized by the beautiful scenery. We then went up to the top and took the ski lift to the top of the mountain. Of course there is no snow, but the green grass, tall pine trees, and 74 degree weather made it all worthwhile. We then had cookies and drinks at a little restaurant.

Unfortunately, our trip down was delayed due to a deranged man on a shooting rampage! I know can you believe it! They caught him at the base of the mountain. The investigation caused the closure of the mountain. No one in or out. We were in a safe place, and really it wasn't so bad. We just sat on the patio of the little restaurant. We ate cookies and let the children play. Thank goodness the weather was nice! The trip back down was just as exciting and beautiful to see.

I think the children all had a blast with all the fun planned activities, and I know they were excited to see all the different things Arizona has to offer. But, I think the most fun they had was playing with each other, sleeping in the playroom, and eating whatever they wanted. Children are amazing creatures. Jesus was right when He reminds us to be like them. We all need to enjoy and take pleasure in the simple things in life. So, as I remember this little visit and all the fun stuff we did, I will also be reminded to relax and have fun. No matter what.

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Jamie said...

I know you guys had a blast with the girls! I can't wait til my family gets here! 8 days!

Josh mailed Mae's package yesterday-not sure when it will get there. Should be between 4 and 6 days.

I miss ya'll!