Wednesday, June 4, 2008


John Russel and Mae have started swimming lessons this week. We get up and go to the pool for their 30 minute lessons. The lifeguards at the pool are teaching them, and there are several classes going on at once. They are in different classes, which are small. It is fun to watch and see all that they are learning. It's always amazing to see how much more they learn from someone else. Mae is learning the freestyle and John Russel has mastered diving and is working on some other strokes. They love to swim.

After their lesson we either all swim at the pool or come home and rest a bit before lunch. They are always starving after swimming. I can remember this from my childhood. Now, I can see where their hunger comes from just by watching them move in the water. They use every single muscle they have. So, lunchtime is filled with "I want more raisins." " Can I have more juice?" and my favorite, "What's for dessert?" At this rate I'm going to have to make another grocery trip before the week is over.

This summer has started off on a great note. Even though the hot weather has been here awhile, the lazy summer break has finally started. We can hang out, play all day, and enjoy each other without a lot of obligations. This is what Summer is all about. Although we have plans to play soccer on Saturdays, the games will be very close to home. I know we will enjoy going to John Russel and Mae's games especially because they are early in the morning. This not only means a break from the heat, but it offers precious time to spend the rest of the afternoon with each other doing whatever we want.

So, as we look forward to our summer "vacation" we will try and give ourselves the much needed break from all of our normal obligations. We will try and enjoy each other and all that our family has to offer.

Happy Summer!

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