Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lessons From My Children

*This picture was taken in October of 2006. My how they grow!

I was looking at some old pictures yesterday. I was quickly reminded of how fast my children grow. As I looked at my children's little faces I was reminded of all that they have brought to my life. Each so unique and yet the same, both in the way they look and act. I have also changed along with them.

John Russel, my first, has given me knowledge and courage. With his little strong will he has shown me that some battles are best left un-faught. He has given me energy that I didn't know I had and stamina to deal with the most difficult situations. With him I feel that I can face anything.

Mae has taught me that through difficult times you can find beauty. She has built me up when I thought I could no longer go on. With her quiet grace she has shown me that things can turn around quickly and if you look hard enough you will see blessings.

Will has given me stability. Being the third child he has shown me that I can enjoy the big things without worrying about the little. He has given me peace that I didn't know I could endure. With him I know that everything is going to be OK and that I can breathe a breath of fresh air.

My children have taught me many things, and I know they will continue to do so. Together they've all shown me that I can be me and be proud of that. I can laugh when something is funny, dance when I hear a good song, and be silly when life calls for it. I love them so much for not only who they are but for who they've helped me become.

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william said...

We can all take lessons from childred. Their love is so pure.I love that picture it is amazing to watch them grow up.