Monday, June 16, 2008

One, Two, Tie My Shoe!

John Russel has learned to tie his shoes. We've been working on the mechanics of this task for quite some time now. Yesterday we sat down to try again and he just did it on his own. I know this seems like no big deal and many kids his age have already mastered this, but I am thrilled. Do you know what this means? He can get himself completely ready now. No more waiting to get out the door. When he decides to go outside he can put his own shoes on. When his shoe comes untied he can tie it himself.

Oh, how time flies by. It seems like yesterday that he first walked at all and he even needed shoes. I remember him running and jumping around. He was like a little hurricane. I can't believe how many little milestones we've gone through in these short six years. Pretty soon he won't want me around as he runs and plays with his friends.
So, as we get ready to go outside and play today I'll watch him as he puts on his shoes. In a few more weeks he won't even need to stick his tongue out as he loops the bunny ear over and under. As he concentrates on his new accomplishment I'll take a mental picture of him tieing those gray tennis shoes. I'll then file it away in my memory under "M" for milestones.

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