Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good Ol' Summertime!

Today has been such a great day. We decided to go swimming after John Russel and Mae's swimming lessons. So, after lathering on sunscreen on every exposed inch of flesh we headed to the pool. When the lessons were completed we all headed into the pool. It was so refreshing compared to the hot sun. We splashed and played and all had the best time. Our neighbors joined us for the fun. I love to watch the kids swim. John Russel and Mae are swimming around like fish flipping and diving for toys. They seem to be getting better everyday. Will floats around in his little life vest inner tube thingy drinking so much water I'm sure the entire pool lowered an inch while we were there.

After awhile we decided to head home. We changed out of our wet suits and headed next door for lunch with the neighbors. How nice it is not to have to fix lunch. The children scarfed down peanut butter sandwiches, grilled cheeses and goldfish like they hadn't eaten in days. (I love that about swimming.) We played for a few minutes and then headed back home for nap time. Will was practically sleep walking back to our house. He was exhausted. Mae and John Russel were, too. They are sitting in front of the TV having "quiet time". I started this so they wouldn't be loud and wake Will, but now I realize they, too, need a little down time.

Now the house is quiet with the music from one of their cartoons softly playing in the background. The sun is high overhead and excruciatingly hot. We are all safe indoors all snuggled in and relaxing. Our fun is over for the moment as we rest and wait for our next summer adventure. Maybe that will be Popsicles on the back porch, or and evening bike ride. Whatever it may be I know that the truly fun part will be the spontaneity of the activity. Good Ol' Summertime!

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Jamie said...

Oh my gosh, they have grown so much! They look so long and tall! I miss ya'll so much. Thought of you today, I am babysitting at the Baltz's so I had to drive thru Oakland. Give the kids kisses!