Friday, June 6, 2008

Ups and Downs

There is no better scent in the world than my children's heads. I know this sounds crazy, but I love to smell their sweet hair. When they climb in the bed with me in the morning there is nothing better to lay there and drink in their precious perfume. It must be something primal to it. Something left over from a distant ancestor. Maybe it is like how mother animals differentiate their young. I'm not sure the reason for it. All I know is how much I love it. We were watching a movie last night and Mae was snuggled up with me on the couch. I kept leaning down to smell her head. Oh, I could have stayed that way all night. They always seem so sweet and small. It reminds me of when they were tiny infants and I would get up in the night to feed them. Their sweet smell seemed to fill the room. I love to bond with them in this way. All three of them have their own special scent. I think if I were blindfolded I could recognize them just by smell.

I wish I could keep them this way. I love it when they snuggle and act so sweet. Then they will do something only a 6,5, or 2 year old will do, and I wonder, "What?" How could something so sweet do something so vile! Like when I'm talking with a friend and Mae constantly interrupts me to tattle on a friend, or how John Russel told me he doesn't have to go to the bathroom because he went in the pool, or (my personal favorite) how Will can throw a huge temper tantrum in Blockbuster because I won't let him rip all the movies off the shelves. When I say huge I mean monster huge complete with deep screaming and laying on the floor like I'm killing him. He does this favorite new act quite frequently now.

Parenting is so interesting. Thank goodness God gives us this unconditional love to deal with situations such as these. I don't think without Him we could have these night and day feelings about our offspring. One minute I could tear their little heads off, and then with the same breath hug them and never want to let go. It's amazing the emotions we as parents experience as well.

So if your children are way passed these little stages or if you've never had the chance to experience emotions such is these, I ask you to remember me and say a little prayer that I will never forget how precious these little beings are that God has entrusted me with. One whiff of their sweet little noggins should do!


Pops said...

Seeing Will on the floor having a bad day brings back a lot of memories or is it pay back time
love and miss yall so much

marthanne said...

I am just mesmerized reading your comments and your "take" on even the simplest things such as rain, rocks, and the smell of little children's hair. There is nothing more precious than the smell of their hair or the feel of it. I have always loved to touch their hair and twirl it around my fingers soft and silky!

You have the gift of writing and bringing even the simple things of life to center stage. Anne, I can see you as the author that I never became. Betty Gale always said I should write a book, but I labor too much over the mechanics (guess it's my perfectionism rearing it's ugly head). I truly believe you are the one in the family to write books. First I see a children's book, because your heart is children. You know how to reach them.. what they relate to and how they think. You know how to develop their imagination through the printed page. I strongly encourage you to think about this. Who knows, someday we could see your name (or pseudonym)on shelves throughout this country!
Proud to be your aunt,