Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dust Devils

Today we went into Tucson to get John Russel's allergy shot. We go this back way that takes you through the outskirts of town. On the way home we saw two very large dust devils. We have seen them before, but these were very tall and thin and the clear sunny day set them off against the blue sky. They were tight and seemed to be spinning pretty fast. The second one even had that eerie curve to it that tornadoes get. I've read that they aren't usually dangerous, but on rare occasions they can get rather large and spin pretty fast which can in turn cause damage. What an interesting natural phenomenon to see. They say they even have them on Mars! There is nothing like a spinning dust cloud to set this Tennessee girl on edge.
As we traveled down the road I kept expecting to either run into them or pass them on the side of the road. They were further away than they looked and were very tall. As we finally did pass them you could see the dirt and the few pieces of debris that had gotten caught up in the rotation spinning high in the air. The second one seemed to be spinning so fast that it got this shiny transparent look to it as it bent and twisted in the sky. As we rode on towards home these strange devils seemed to dissipate as fast as they began, leaving a huge dust cloud in the sky. I also read that they last only a minute or so. What an interesting thing to observe. How powerful and remarkable nature can be.

We all enjoyed the performance the dust devils put on for us today. I'm sure we will see many more while we are here. Isn't it interesting that something that some people see quite frequently can be so fascinating to others. I guess that's God once again telling me to slow down, open my eyes and look at this amazing show He is putting on for us!
*This picture is from the internet of a dust devil in Iraq. I wanted to post it so you could see what I was talking about.

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