Saturday, December 13, 2008

Just in Time!

Today was a very eventful day. We had the big kids birthday party today. We were all so excited because the sun was shining. The rain held off! Well.... as we made our way to the park we noticed how windy it was. John Russel said, "Well, I prayed for no rain, but who prayed for wind?" Tumble weeds were blowing everywhere! When we got to the park the wind was practically whipping the hair off our heads. We could hardly make our way to the playground. I thought Will was going to blow off the play equipment. Literally. Oh No! What in the world were we going to do. The party was going to start in an hour. There was no way we could hang the decorations, much less eat cake off of flying plates! Rusty suggested we move the party to our house. Well, this would sound OK to a man, but as a woman I was thinking of the dust bunnies hiding in all my corners. "No Way!" I quickly replied, as I also thought of my house being torn to shreds by many kindergartners and 1st graders. We both then thought of the brand new McDonald's just down the street! Rusty tried to call, but the number hadn't even been published yet. So he got into the van and headed just down the street to ask the manager of the McDonald's if we could move the party there. The kids and I braved the wind while he was gone. My mind was contemplating all the alternatives the entire time he was away. He made it back shortly and told us the good news that we could move the party there. Thank the Lord! We loaded up and headed to Mickey D's. Rusty stayed at the park to direct the party goers towards our new location. We had a great turn out. Around 2o kids in attendance. They all had a blast playing on the new indoor play equipment. The people at McDonald's were so nice and accommodating.

We all had a good time. I wasn't even that stir crazy. (Well....maybe a little) It was a great day. The kids had fun. We have more toys than we know what to do with. All in all it was a great party.

All I can say is Thank you Lord for opening letting that Micky D's open up just in time!

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