Friday, December 5, 2008

Silly Elves!

*Silly elves checking out John Russel's birthday presents*

*Loving the Christmas Nick Nacks*

* OOO! Conner Playing John Russel's new DS*

*Jensen and Irma Lovin' Santa*

Our elves have come.
"Come?" you may ask.

Well, you see every child has their own elf at the north pole. All you have to do is write a letter to Santa and see if your elf is finished with their Christmas chores and they will be allowed to come stay with you until Christmas Eve, when they have to go back to the North Pole with Santa. They come with magic sprinkles that you put on them at night before bedtime. You leave them crackers and water to eat. They like this because crackers sound like crunching snow and the water is melted snow. The sprinkles make them come to life at night. They play around the house often doing naughty things. They sometimes leave small treats. They LOVE Jesus, so they love to remind you that this is the real reason for Christmas.

The children are so excited. Our elves, Conner (John Russel's elf), Irma (Mae's), and Jensen (Will's) have been with us since Thanksgiving night. They have been very mischievous during their stay this year. They have toilet papered the bathroom, rolled aluminum foil down the stairs making a slide, and they have hidden in the freezer. Last night, however, they stole MY camera and took all kinds of pictures of their shenanigans. How Dare They!!!

The kids were elated. They loved looking at the pictures again and again. Over breakfast Mae asked me if the elves looked the same when they came to life. "Hmmm. I don't know, Mae." I answered. "Well, they look like it in the Pictures," replied my little observant one, a little too forlornly. I then quickly replied, "I bet they only look that way because they were in a picture. I'm sure they turn into 'real live' elves when they are running around." She was happy with this explanation as she nodded her head in agreement.

Now....I wonder what those silly elves will be up to tonight!


Emily & Amelia said...

That is SO fun!!!

Molly said...

Oh! My Goodness! I was just talking with Lydia and Bo about y'all's elves! I was laughing about how Mae came running into the class and saying "Look what Irma gave me" and I was like "Who is Irma" !!!
What a sweet memory!