Friday, December 12, 2008

Uh Oh!

*My little elves*

*Close up view....It says sorry*

*Those silly elves!*

Last night the elves didn't wake up! When I went to get John Russel and Mae up for school, John Russel informed me that they didn't "do" anything! Oh No!! When they got downstairs they found a note from the elves. They explained that they were so tired from running to the store the night before (they brought candy) that they just couldn't get up!

They must have felt pretty bad about it. Today when I went to get the big kids from school, the elves were up to their old antics. Just look what they did!

They must have felt terrible!

1 comment:

Emily & Amelia said...

OK - you have so inspired me!! An Elf, now named "penny" has taken up residence in our house!!!! Amelia is beyond excited - I just hope the he/she elf is as
cool as yours!!!!!!!