Sunday, December 21, 2008

There's No Place Like Home For the Holidays!

*The Christmas Card that Wasn't*

We are all so excited around here. Christmas is in the air! We are ready for Santa, our bags are almost packed, and the kids are out of school. I don't really have any "big" thing left to do. I have to pick up one last item tomorrow, and that's it. I need to clean my house, and pack. We are ready, ready, ready. We are coming HOME!

I haven't been homesick in quite a while. We've all been so busy with school, soccer, holidays....well life I guess. Don't get my wrong, I'm absolutely ecstatic about visiting the south, but I've been just busy. I thought I was over it. I thought, "Hey, this is easy. Being away from all my friends and family isn't as bad as I thought. With the telephone, facebook,'s practically like I'm still there. Plus I've made all these cool new friends."

Well, let me tell you. I was WRONG...big fat wrong!

It all came to a head today as I was on my way back from the grocery store. Mae and I were singing along to the Christmas carols playing on the radio when "There's No Place Like Home For the Holidays" came on. I cried like a baby. That song is so right. I can't wait to see all my friends, hang out with my family, eat Bar-b-que (I mean REAL bbq...the pork kind), feel the humidity in the air, smell the good ol' southern cookin'....Oh, I could go on and on!!

Oh, Me!!! Ya'll I can't wait!

Only three more days! Can I stand it! Can you!

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Jamie said...

I am so so so ready for you to be here! I am especially ready for you to meet my little man! See you soon! love ya'll, jamie