Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I just noticed that I haven't posted any pictures in a while. So...I'll go take some soon and post them. I need to show ya'll how warm it is here so hopefully we'll all be in our shorts.

Anyway...I wanted to tell ya'll some funny things Will has said and done lately. I feel like I talk about him a lot. I guess I'm with him more than anyone else and...well... he is funny. So, here goes.

Incident One: Today while fixing Will his lunch he said, "No, Mama. I want Santa Claus crackers!" What?! in the world are Santa Claus crackers? Well, I realized that Santa Claus crackers are plain soda crackers, not the Ritz I was about to give him. Why are they Santa Claus crackers? They are the crackers we serve to our elves at Christmas....of course!

Incident Two: This weekend Rusty came into the Kitchen to find Will up on a stool that he had pushed over to the counter leaning over a pile of gum wrappers and gum while chewing with all his might.

Incident Three: While driving the big kids to school yesterday I noticed a woman wearing all white (White coat, white little hat, white pants, white shoes) running down the sidewalk. Now, she wasn't just out for a leisurely jog, she was literally sprinting. She looked like she was running for her life. Will proclaimed in his deepest gravely voice, "OOOO! Look at that woman! She is RUNNING down that sidewalk!"

Incident Four: Now this isn't just one incident. This is something he does every time. Every time Will uses his potty he yells at the top of his lungs, "I SPRAYED IT!!!!" He's so proud. And so am I!

I'm sure I could come up with about a million incidents. He is just so funny to us.

Remember...check back soon. I'll post some sunny pictures for all of you stuck in the bitter bitter cold.

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Elizabeth Ann said...

Hello there! Yesterday I was visiting some blog friends and I noticed that there was a FeedJit site with bloggers from New Albany MS, and nearby areas, so I took a look and found YOU! Now this is rather extraordinary because we just moved to this beautiful place after living in....Tucson AZ! I lived there for over 35 years...hubby came out from New Albany in 1993, we met, married and lived in Tucson for 15 years. He always wanted to come back South, so 3 months ago we made this HUGE move. I can soooo relate to what you're going through after such a big change. But believe me I know Tucson, Sahuarita and Green Valley pretty well. If you have any questions about Desert Living, please feel free to ask me!

I have a 14 year old daughter who is happy to be living the smalltown life...I read back through some of your posts and noted the 100 stuffed toys that YOUR daughter has! We're right there with you!! Amanda was not into dolls, but into Plushies. Haven't gotten rid of any...moved them all in plastic bins!!

So, glad to meet you. I think you moved from Memphis. January IS gorgeous in the desert! Still, wear your sunscreen ;o)