Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Too Much TV?

*This is a picture of Mae that I didn't mean to put on here*
*This is what the kids took pictures of when they got a chance with the camera*

TV....television....the ol' boob tube....the tele....Whatever you want to call it has become (well, let's face it, has always been) a problem in the old Workman house. John Russel and Rusty are the biggest TV heads of the family, but we all watch it way too much. It's a sin! How could I do this to my young children's' developing brains. I've probably stunted their intellectual growth by about 10 years.

Here are a few ways to know that your children are watching too much TV:

* They recite the "sayings" from fast food restaurants. Just today Rusty said that we should get Subway. John Russel pipes up from the back seat of the car. "Subway...Eat Fresh!"

* They tell their friends at birthday parties that the gift they just witnessed being opened is something they saw on TV. You look over to see printed on the side of the art supply box "As seen on TV".

* They describe to you in detail the purse that hangs over one shoulder complete with many easy to get to pockets that you "just have to have" because it would be easier to find things. Also it comes with a little gadget that records things you might need. You can take it to the grocery store so you won't forget what you came for. "Eggs, butter, milk".

* They know all the words to every commercial and theme song on noggin or nick.

* They don't respond or even break their glare from the screen when you talk to them. You could be saying anything. Even, "Who want marshmallows and candy canes for supper?" It doesn't matter....They won't break their stare.

* They put on their little brother's clothes thinking they are their own because they can't take their little eyes away from the screen for one second. They don't even know they've done this. You have to tell them.

I could go on and on....But, I'm afraid you might turn me into the Department of Human Services.

This is something we will work on. I promise! We do spend lots of time reading, and playing, and spending time outside. The TV no longer gets turned on in the mornings and it can't be turned on until after homework is completed. Hey, some days it doesn't get turned on at all.

Oh well.....I can't believe I'm admitting it, but it's a GREAT babysitter. Hey, a mama's got to take a shower once in a while without fear that the house will come tumbling down. I know, I know, it's terrible. I can practically hear all of you gasping all the way over here.

This year we will resolve to watch less TV.

I'm sure next year we will resolve to play less video games.

Does it really ever end?


Molly said...

I soo am with you!
When we first moved to Cordova at Houston Levee and Highway 64...we were the 4th house in the subdivision.
We didn't have phone service, internet, cable or satellite. I LOVED it! We did watch movies more but most of the time we just listened to music on the stereo or radio.....ahh! I wish I could do it again!

Amy said...

The TV is such a hard thing to break but I have to say since living in Rancho the kids don't want to watch TV because they would rather play outside with their friends. I sometimes have to beg them to watch TV just so I can get the "SHOWER"