Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Last night around 9:00 Rusty went outside for his usual "break". He opened the door and told me to come out. He seemed rather excited so I stepped out to take a look. The following conversation followed:
(First let me describe the landscape behind our house. We have our little rock yard that has an iron fence in the back. Just beyond that is dessert. Then there is the pecan grove. Way in the distance you see mountains.)

Rusty: "What is that?" Pointing to a hazy orangy light in the distance.

Anne: "I don't know? Maybe an airplane coming over the mountain."

Rusty: "I don't think so. Maybe they are working in the pecan groves."

Anne: "This late?" Well, maybe."

Meanwhile the light is getting a little brighter and bigger. It seems to be moving towards us through the leafless pecan trees. We are both silent as we stare.

Anne: "Maybe it's E.T.!" Kidding a little, but becoming a little alarmed.

More Silence.

Rusty: "Oh, Hell.....It's the moon!"

Anne: "He, He He, well.. it is! Isn't it pretty!"

Rusty: "Man, I'm glad there is no one out here with us. We are so stupid!"

It came up so fast and was so big and orange and pretty. I wish ya'll could have seen it. There is nothing like seeing the moon rise over the desert, or, er.. Pecan Groves!

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