Thursday, January 22, 2009

Life in the Desert

We are all feeling good here in the Workman Five house. The kids are all running and ripping around upstairs while I sit on the couch and type this post. Life is good. It rained today bringing a break to the wonderful weather. It has been sunny and in the upper 70's for a while now. It has been so so nice. We have all really tried to take advantage of it. This is another blessing of our new home. Arizona has brought us many little gifts that have taken me by surprise. I never thought that I would begin to love our new state as much as I have.

Today I had my women's bible study. We meet at a friend's house. This little group of women has turned out to be yet another blessing. I just love it. I've enjoyed meeting new people and growing in my faith with them. Today I was asked to lead the study. I was honoured to be asked, and it was easier than I thought it would be. I really don't know why I was worried with this fabulous group of laid back women. I was definitely missing the intimate relationships that only a bible study can bring.

In a few months we will have been in Arizona for one year. It's amazing to think about this, but it's also very comforting. I know what to look forward to. I know what's getting ready to come. I also have made lots of new friends. I now can't go anywhere without seeing someone I know. It's all very refreshing. I'm slowly beginning to make this place we call the desert my home.

As I reflect on all of this I'm so glad that God led us here. Our family has grown closer as we each have expanded our horizons. We are all better people for having had this wonderful opportunity.

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