Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Growing Pains

*Mae in April*

*Mae in August*

I have just finished putting some pictures into frames. I took the advice of my sister and decided to print off some pictures of the kids in black and white. They are so cute. I can't wait to hang them on the wall. They are action shots of them playing. Some are in the mountains and others at our house. Frozen in time the children are having a blast. They look so cute as they play and sweat. I'm so glad I took this priceless advice.

While going through my pictures, I found so many worth displaying. Caught playing in the sand or riding their bikes. It was hard deciding which ones to pick. I went back to when we first arrived here and the one thing that astonished me was how much they've changed. For John Russel and Will it's not so much physical as it is emotional. It's amazing how this shows in the photographs. A look Will is giving me in one is a gaze I no longer see. A small tilt of the head or the way John Russel rides his bike is a new skill accomplished. I love to see this subtle growth. Mae, on the other hand, has grown so much physically. I couldn't believe it. I had to look at several pictures just to make sure it wasn't just all in my mind. Her hair has grown and she has gotten so much taller. I should have know this when we went swimming the other day and her bathing suit was too tight and short. Just looking at those pictures astounded me.

Looking back at the pictures makes me realize how fast they grow and how precious every moment is. I ask God to help me remember this as I cherish each new day.

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