Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lay Down Sally

Well....we have a new pet. We found a little frog this weekend outside our front door. Mae and John Russel quickly caught him/her and put him/her in our red bucket. The kids then began decorating his/her new habitat with water, rocks, flowers and leaves. Mae, the namer of the family, decided that we should name him/her Sally. Perfect. I can't believe Sally is still alive. If she/he can survive Will's decorating attempts of throwing rocks in the bucket I think she/he can survive anything. Yesterday the kids wanted to visit Sally before school. I told them they could after they were fully dressed and ready. Wow! They got ready in record speed. As they sat and peered into the bucket I sat and listened to them. The following hilarious conversation was overheard.

Mae: Yesterday Sally tried to jump out of her bucket.

John Russel: When? (Disbelieving)

Mae: When I was out here with Daddy.

John Russel: Oh.

Mae: Yeah, She first jumped up here on this little ledge and then she tried to jump out, but she didn't make it.

John Russel: OOO! Did he BAM down on the rocks!!! (Hopeful)

Mae: No, she didn't BAM down! She landed nicely in the water! (Prideful)

All the while, Will is throwing rocks in the bucket.

All I can say is, "You better lay down, Sally!"

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jennifer said...

LOL! So funny!

I especially loved reading the dialogue between brother and sister. Cracks me up!