Thursday, August 14, 2008


OK, so I went to the PTO meeting last night at John Russel and Mae's school. It was great. There are so many ways for the parents to get involved. The people were so nice and friendly too. As the meeting progressed they announced that we were going to have elections for the Executive Board. There were three spots open. As they read the descriptions of the spots, I thought, "I can do this." So I told them I could do it if I could have some help. Of course, no one else said they wanted this position. Then as we were discussing upcoming events in small groups a lady said she would like to go up in the same spot as me. So I thought they would surely vote for her. When the meeting was almost over they announced the election winners. I am now the Community Coordinator for our PTO! How funny. I'm really excited about getting to know more people and getting to be a part of them school. The best part is that I can take Will with me when I go and volunteer! I knew that God would put me in a place and let me use my gifts.

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jennifer said...

Good for you! ! I know that you will be awesome at the job and make great friends in the process!