Thursday, June 11, 2009

An Adjustment

For those of you who don't know, Rusty got a promotion at work. He is now a field service engineer something or the other. Basically he will be visiting the golf courses and commercial sites to help them out with their problems instead of talking with them on the phone. This is the job that has been wanting and waiting for. He is excited and we are all proud of him.
There is one thing, however. He has to travel a lot to get to all these golf courses and commercial sites. Travel all over the country.

So...he started this Monday and Wednesday he headed to Palm Springs to visit a commercial site. He'll be home Friday.

Now, when he first started his new job last year he moved here without us. We were apart for two months. He did come home on weekends, but we adjusted to his absence. So, I thought it would be easier for me this time around. I knew that I would have to take the garbage down, and I wouldn't have my right hand man to help with baths and bedtime. I realized that dinner time would be different. (ok...we wouldn't always have a hot meal...cereal is great for dinner) I also knew that we would all miss him terribly but would be so happy when he came home.

Yesterday was our first day without him. Add that fact to the neediness of kids in the summer and you get a frazzled, tired, annoyed mama!

The day started out well. Will woke up fairly early with his calls of "Mamamamamamamama!" This is normal. I stretch out of bed as quickly as I can to get him on the potty. He's been doing so well, that I can't mess it up. Mae had a friend over to spend the night, and they woke up around the same time. I fixed them a wonderful breakfast of pancakes and hot chocolate.

Now...let me interrupt this play by play of my day to tell you that meal times around here are...well...nuts. Let's just say I have much sympathy for diner waitresses. I feel exhausted after each meal after getting refills, napkins, cleaning up spills, getting something else because someone doesn't like strawberries, etc., and I'm really not sure what I've eaten.

After breakfast the girls began doing art projects. I let them do whatever they wanted. So after much cutting, coloring, and play dough playing I realized that if I was going to get my Wal-Mart trip in we really needed to go. So off we went. That trip went well as far as Wal-Mart shopping goes with 4 kids. I was pleasantly surprised.

After Mae's friend went home another friend called me in a bind and needed someone to watch her 3 year old. So a little while later our new friend came over. This was fun. He and Will both are newly potty trained! 'Nuff said on that one!

Later on that evening, after all friends had gone home, my kids decided it was time to play WWF or jump and run around screaming, or whatever that game is called. I know you know it. Anyway, after another meal that consisted of salad, pizza, and cereal (it is a diner when Daddy is gone, after all) I seriously considered moving bedtime up to 5:30. I quickly dismissed this idea. My kids are early enough risers already!

So...after baths and snacks of ice cream and teeth brushing and one more drinks of waters and using the bathroom one more time everyone was finally in bed.


Finally! I can sit on the couch and watch what I want on TV, go to the bathroom by myself, eat without someone wanting what I'm eating, simply breath.

Then...I realized that I've got to do it all over again the next day!

Don't worry. I'll adjust soon. The kids will adjust soon.

We will all be just fine!

And let me just add....We are very proud of Rusty!


me said...

oh, girl! whew! that wore me out just reading it! congrats to rusty!

Molly said...

Congratulations to Rusty. I do not envy your days without him! You will be fine....eventually!

Anonymous said...

Oh my Goodness! Why even try the Wal-Marts?? Just shoot yourself right then! The only thing you did not try that day was take all children in the neighborhood to the swimming pool- including the "in potty training ones"!

Tip - after all little peeps are in bed enjoy a few glasses of red.

We are so proud of Rusty too. I'm sure he'd rather be with yall (crazy and all) instead of alone in a beautiful, quiet hotel room!!!

Gesch Family said...

Hi Anne,
I found your blog and love reading it. Congrats to Rusty and hang in there. I know first hand how hard it is to be on your own. Like you said, you realize that you survived one day, but then you realize that you have to do it again! Of course, you have three! You are such a great will get easier as time goes on.