Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I'm sitting here on the couch working on schedules for the children's ministry at church. John is playing his DS and Mae and Will are in the chair playing their own little games. As I finish my schedule I pay more attention to the younger two. They are so funny. I love watching these two play. Mae proclaims that she is Will 2nd Mommy.

Will is yelling Upsy Daisy! Upsy Daisy! Upsy Daisy! Mae is flitting around behind the couch. She says, "Mama, when he says that he's really calling me. That's what he calls me sometimes." Will then grabs her arm to turn her around and says, "Mae! Go put this up for me!" as he hands her his sippy cup. He's so bossy! She lets him get away with so much. They then go back to their chair and proceed to play their game of sitting upside down and falling into the floor.

Ahhhh! The priceless relationship that these two have. I hope that it continues forever.


Katie said...

i just found your blog on the gesch's blog.
i just talked to amy today and she mentioned that erica needs help w/ little ones on sundays. i am going to offer to help, but not until school starts. (we are going to be in illinois for 3 wks in july~ i can't wait!) anyways, i know you do a lot w/ children's ministries and i want to help where i'm needed!

Gesch Family said...

I know what you mean! I could sit and listen to Gehrig and Colin interact for hours. It seems to me like they are already each others' best friend. Being a miliary family, this is a good thing, as they will need to rely on each other a lot for friendship with all the moves.