Friday, June 26, 2009

Tennessee.....Here We Come!!!

The bags are almost packed. We are itching to go! Tomorrow the kids and I are heading to Tennessee. We will be visiting friends and relatives all over west Tennessee. We can't wait!

Did you know that Memphis is mentioned more than any other city in music. Isn't that fascinating! I looked over some of the lyrics on the Internet. Some songs I know...some, well, I've never heard before. My favorite song about Memphis is one that was popular when I was a little girl. (I know...very sad) It may have been a commercial...not quite sure. It goes a little something like this.

My radio's picking up FM100.
I hear Memphis calling me home.

Do you remember it?


Molly said...

yep, I remember it. I know it will be so wonderful for you to come and visit everyone....Hope my path will cross with yours. Would love to see you!

holly said...

So funny--now that FM 100 tune is in my head...ahh those days by the pool at fountain square! Hope to see you and be safe traveling! There's a great dinosaur exhibit at the pink palace the kids would love!

me said...

me too! singing along with you now! maybe we will get to see you in the next couple of weeks!

Gesch Family said...

Guess I'm the only one who doesn't know it! Oh well. I hope that you are having a wondeful time in Tennesse being reunited with family and friends!
My favorite song that mentions Memphis is "Song about Rain" by Gary Allen (I think)

swwake said...

so nostalgic for another native Memphian :)