Saturday, June 20, 2009

Three Years Ago Today

William Lea Workman

June 21, 2006

10lbs 3oz

I can't believe it.

Where has the time gone.

What happened.

Oh Yea!

I blinked.


Molly said...

Gosh! It DOES seem like just yesterday! What a sweet family!
Sure wish he could be in my room in the fall...

holly said...

So sweet!! I can't believe it either---now Carter is almost 2! Happy Big 3, Will! Love, Dennis, Holly, and Carter

me said...

don't blink again-he'll be in kindergarten or driving or worse.

these pictures reminded me about john russell's shorts that day. that is was water day at camp and he wore the shorts because he didn't know you had packed him a bathing suit and nanci went home and dried them before they went to see y'all. i have know idea why i remember that except that i had just had miller and understood. random.

Amy said...

Happy BDAY Will!!!

Katie said...

well, i'm going to stop here. i'm too tired to start reading thru your entire blog (i've stayed up for hrs sometimes reading random blogs), but he is so cute~ time does fly by. my little tate is 4 now, and he still is the spoiled, little brother. i noticed will was a big baby too, tate was 10 lbs 15.5 oz, ugh!!!

Gesch Family said...

He is so precious! Happy (belated) birthday to Will!