Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's In A Name...Or How You Say It.

Since I've moved out to the southwest the people here have loved hearing me talk. I'm always being asked where I'm from. People tell me that I can say anything and it sounds pretty. Aw...how sweet!

On the other hand, people sometimes have a hard time understanding me. It may be the way I say words or it may be just the words I choose to use. Or maybe both!

A blog I read reminded me of this and I feel inspired to write about it. So....here's a list of things that I say that people find funny/adorable!

Soda is Coke. It could mean sprite, Dr. Pepper, anything carbonated and in a can. My Big Pop used to call it Co-Cola, and it never tasted better than out of those little glass bottles.

Maxi pads and tampons are kotex and tampax according to my Mama.

Hair spray is spray net according to every woman over 50 that I know from the South.

Cool whip is what I call whipped cream...always will.

Yard Sales are those things you have on Saturday mornings to get rid of all your junk, and when it's over you take it all to the Good Will.

Wal-Mart is known as THE Wal-Mart!

AND thank goodness our grocery store ends with an s, because otherwise it would get one. Just as my beloved Krogers.

Ya'll.....My favorite...which I use about 20 million times a day means you all, you guys, you people...whatever!

Now, let's get something straight... I don't use ain't, or generally use prepositions at the end of sentences, (unless I ask you where you are from...which I've started adding the word originally after living in a place where people have lived everywhere) and I don't say crick for creek. My long I's don't have that southernish sound in all of my words, but many one syllable words come out as two or three. My name included, which I always have to spell for people. I have to do the same thing when I'm giving Mae's name. People usually think I'm saying Meg.

Communicating has been very amusing here in my new southwestern home. I think it has opened many doors for me and allowed me to meet many new people who find the way I speak endearing. (Maybe they are just trying to figure out exactly what it is I'm trying to say.)

One thing is for sure...I can spot a southern accent from across a room and you can bet I'll head on over and introduce myself! There's nothing like meeting a fellow southerner I also love to call back home and listen to my family and friends.

There is nothing like listening to the lullaby of a singing southern accent! AND if you call soda a coke...well...lets just call you my new friend!


me said...

too funny! and, oh so true!

Molly said...

I don't there is anything quite as nice as a southern accent. You certainly can't beat our quirky little sayings as well as our traditions. And, no one, no where can top our hospitality!

Anonymous said...

Y'all - my pet peeve is when someone says "Where is it AT?" I can't stand that!!!I certainly have heard another type of "southern" here in my new home. It has a country twang to it. Hope I don't pick that up - I'll just keep my "peeaaches annd creeaam" accent thank you very much!!

Gesch Family said...

Anne! You are too funny! Now I lived in Alabama for only a year, but it was my kindergarten year....a very formative year , one is which I learned my phonics...all my letters and sounds. So, anytime I am around a southerner, my accent comes out. For me, a soda is a coke and cool whip is whipped cream. I am surprised that your grocery store isn't Piggly Wiggly!